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Consonance's new project, "Come On In This House"

Posted on February 14, 2016 with 2 comments

The long-awaited new project, "Come On In This House", from Consonance will be available CDBaby on Monday, Febuary 15, 2016.  If you have been anticipating this project, well you need not wait any longer.  The cd is filled with original tracks written and arranged by group member Mack Williams.  They range from soulful ballads that really inspire the heart to rousing songs like "Good News Blues #3".  The group has been performing this single at their concerts for a few months, but now they will be releasing this project with "Good News Blues #1 and #2" in the mix.  You must hear them.

Also on this cd are songs that feature every member in the group leading songs.  You will never get tired of hearing the diverse styles of the lead singers and the unique arrangements.  Included are guest appearances by Minister Marvin Webb, "It's Time For Love", and the sister from down under, Ms. Lisa Shah singing on " U Gotta Stay Holy.  Lisa is also join by Saeed Williams, Mack's son, who gives a dope rap performance.  Finally, the Umoja Community Choir helps out with background vocals on "Surely God Is Real".  All of these recording artists have projects of their own and are awesome performers and writers in their own right.

And lastly, the project has some guest musicians playing on some tracks.  Jazz guitarist and recording artist Lloyd Gregory steps out of his main genre to play and co-produce two of the Good News Blues tracks.  Lloyd guitar work is mind-blowing to say the least.  For sure he will develop some new fans from the gospel sector with his fantastic guitar licks.

And another musician to grace the project is Levi Seacer, formally of Prince and The New Generation".  Levi plays guitar on many of the tracks, but his lilting solo on "Do The Right Thang" and his awesome solo on "My Song" lets you know why he is a much in-demand artist in his own right.  

Derrick Hall did a fantastic job on piano and synthesizer. He really made the tracks pop with his fresh keyboard work.  Produced by Derrick Hall, Levi Seacer, Lloyd Gregory and Mack Williams, the project stands out as a very non-tradional gospel quartet performance.  Something for everyone is on this project, so be sure to get your copy and also be sure to see Consonance live whenever you can.  With lots of energy and exceptional musicianship, this project will leave you wanting to hear them live to really experience their awesome performing skills.  Yes the wait is over.

Jackie Tayloy, Manager and Entertainment Specialist


January 12, 2016

This is what we need - an insight to make evyenore think

Katie Baker-Ross

September 21, 2015

Hey, where can I get a copy of the new project, "Come On In This House". I have been waiting a long time for this release and must have a copy. Thank you fellows for making such wonderful music. I love you all.