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Consonance: Calendar

Oct 6, 2018 13th Annual North Richmond Shoreline Festival3thh Richmond, California California USA
Feb 18, 2018 Royal Assisted Living Facility California USA
Apr 2, 2016 The Real Richmond Band City of Richmond California USA
Nov 21, 2015 Consonance In Concert at the Independent Baptist Conference Banquet Albany California USA
Oct 3, 2015 12th Annual North Richmond Shoreline Festival Richmond, California California USA


They rocked it!!!  That's all I can say.  Consonance performed their updated show to an appreciative audience at the North Richmond Shoreline Festival today at Point Pinole Park, in Richmond Ca.  Every song was delivered at a high energy pace that kept the audience on edge throughout the set.

Singing songs from all three of thei audio projects, the group did a seven song set that was blistering. from the opening song, the title cut from threat new cd, "Come On In This House".  They displayed solid musicianship from start to finish and left the audience wanting more.  

Mack Williams, Paul Foster, Jr and Bobby Reed did awesome jobs as lead singers.  And the band, which consisted of Bobby Reed on bass, Levi Seacer on lead guitar, Ronnie Smith on drums, Dennis Reed on Keyboards and Larrie Noble, Sr. on rhythm guitar, was too hot to handle.  The tight arrangements and vocals, plus Levi's virtruoso lead guitar licks were melded into a presentation that is so different from the other quartets. Consonance is a special group.

You must plan to catch them at their next performance.


Jackie Taylor, Booking Manager & Entertainmeny Specialist

Consonance Gospel Group

Sep 27, 2015 Bay Area Blues Festival Martinez California USA
Sep 25, 2015 Conference Banquet Albany California USA
Sep 28, 2014 Martinez Blues Festival Martinez California USA
Jul 19, 2014 5th Annual North Richmond Music Festival Richmond California USA
Sep 30, 2012 Polk Street Blues Festival San Francisco California USA
Sep 23, 2012 Abundant Grace Church
Sep 9, 2012 Left Coast Gospel Festival Richmond California USA
Jul 8, 2012 Fillmore Jazz Festival San Francisco California USA
Jul 8, 2012 Pre-Left Coast Gospel Festival Oakland California USA
Mar 26, 2012 Umoja Community Choir 7th AnniversaryR Richmond California USA

Awesome, simply awesome!!  That's the only way to describe Consonance's performace at the Umoja Community Choir 7th Anniversary.  The program feature several opening acts, but the best was last.  And that was the performance given by Consonance.

The group did a five song set of old and new songs.  The opened with the funky redition of "I Wanna Go To Church" led by Rev. Sam Cox.  The choreographed moves of the group were smooth and really let the audience know these artists are real pros.  The followed that with another song from the "Message Of Hope" cd called, "The Power".  This time it was Mack Williams on lead.   He weaved a masterful story with the song and ended the Al Green inspired song with a flare.

The group then reached back to do a song written by Mack Williams almost 45 years ago.  The song was entitled "He Cares" and it really allowed the group a chance to showcase their harmony.  From the way it was received by the audience, it is certain that the group will be inserting this song in their set on future engagements.

Next came the rousing song entiled, "Close To You".  This upbeat, hypnotic gospel was lead by Paul Foster, Jr.  It was up-tempo and crowd pleasing.  Paul worked the crowd with his in-the-audience presentation.  He followed that song with the old standard, "Toiling On".  This song was originally performed by Paul Foster, Sr. when he was singing in the Soul Stirrers, and now performed by his son.  Paul, Jr. is keeping the legacy alivee.

The last song was "Come On In This House" to be released on the upcoming cd by the group.  Mack Williams and Paul Foster, Jr. shared the lead on this toe-tapping gospel that had the audience on their feet clapping.  

The performance was really solid.  We have come to expect such performances from the group, but this was a special one for all who attended the event.  So, be sure to catch them the next time they perform because you owe it to yourself if you like good gospel music.

Jackie Taylor

Booking Manager for Consonance 

Sep 5, 2011 Marin City Blues, Jazz & Soul Party Marin City, California USA
Jun 18, 2011 Richmond Junetenth Festival Richmond CA U
Jun 12, 2011 Marin County Festival San Rafael California Mar
Oct 2, 2010 Home Front Festival By The Bay Richmond CA USA
Sep 19, 2010 Spirit and Soul Festival Richmond California USA
Jul 4, 2010 San Francisco Fillmore Jazz Festival San Francisco California US
Jul 12, 2009 Hayward Russell City Blues Festival Hayward CA USA
Jul 5, 2009 San Francisco Fillmore Jazz Festival San Francisco CA USA
Apr 25, 2009 Veteran's Hall, Richmond California Richmond CA USA
Mar 29, 2009 Bay Area Blues Society Hall of Fame & Awards Show Oakland, California CA

Wow!!!!! What can you say? Consonance put on a marvelous performance at the Award show. They provided the crowd with a rendition of "Resting Easy" and by the end of the song the audience was on its feet clapping and responding to the great exhibition of muscianship and vocal prowress. Clearly they were the hit of the evening. Be sure to catch them the next time they are performing in your area. You will be pleased with what you hear and see.

by Jackie Taylor

Mar 28, 2009 Living Word Ministry Community Church Oakland CA USA

Consonance put on a fabulous performance this evening. They were the guest group of the Living Word Minisgtry Community Church First Annual Musical. They opened up their set with "Come On In This House" This song is a rousing gospel that builds to a dynamic end with Mack Williams and Paul Foster, Jr. trading vocal licks.

They slowed the set down with the always popular, "Thank You", which showcased each member lead voice skills. They then sang "Wonderful", Temptation inspired song that will appear on their next cd with Bobby Reed on the lead. And then the ever popular "Change is Gonna Come" with Paul again on lead. The closed out the set with the upbeat "Resting Easy" that had the entire church on its feet.

Without a doubt, this group is at its best when it is performing live.

The program also featured the Praise Team for Living Word backed by a full band with horns. Their set was powerful and filled with Clark Sister inspired songs that were definitely a crowd pleaser.

You need to make the next performance of Consonance if you want to hear what real gospel singing in the quartet style is all about.

By: Jackie Taylor

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