From the recording Good News Blues #2


I was just sitting here, looking over my life.
Thinking about the things I did wrong and the things I did right.
I've been good sometimes, sometimes I've been bad.
But oh through it all, Jesus has had my back
I'm gone stay on, stay on my bending knees.
Cause when I call on Jesus, I know he's gonna come and see bout me.
I need to stop
Background - Stop and Let my Jesus

I use to sing in a band called the Right Kind
Partied in them dance hall and clubs, oh thought I was doing just fine.
But Jesus came along, and my life he changed
That's why I'm standing up here right now, singing praises in the Master's name.
I'm gone keep on, keep on, pushing that gospel plow,'
I'm gonna make to heaven people, someday, someway , somehow

You need to stop, let him have is way.
You need to stop, when your friends talk about you.
You need to stop. when your burdens get heavy.
You need to stop, let my Jesus, let my Jesus
Have his way.

I'm gone tell you, what you need to do.
Keep on praying and the Lord he's gone see you through
You need to stop in he middle of your storm
Stop right now, Stop.
When your day turn to night, nothing seems to be going right.
You need to stop, stop and let my Jesus.
You need to stop, Oh, Oh, Oh, oh
Let him have his way his way

I want everybody in the building to say yeah
Say yeah, say yeah
If you love Jesus like I love Jesus, let me hear you say yeah
for the father, for the son, for the holy ghost,
I wanna know don't it make you feel alright.