Richmond Hip Hop, Blues, Jazz and Gospel Festival 

This event will be held on Saturday, April 2, 2016 at the Civic Auditorium in Richmond, California.  This concert will feature several local acts; however, Consonance will be the only gospel group performing.  Their set starts at 5:30 p.m. The group will be performing several songs from their cd, "Come On In This House.  So come out and support the group.

Come On In This House Survey 

If you purchase a copy of the cd, "Come On In This House", we humbly ask you to help us in our marketing of the project by completing a 4 minute survey.  Just click on this link and you can complete the survey.  Thank you so much for supporting Consonance.

Bay Area Blues Festival - Martinez, California 

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Consonance was awesome today at the Bay Area Blues Festival in Martinez, California during their 1 1/2 hour set.  They rocked the audience with the rendition of "Come On In This House".  Paul Foster, Jr. and Mack Williams were really good as they tagged-team the lead singing.  Then they dazzled the crowd with "Good News Blues #3, with Bobby Reed on the lead. And the new upbeat "Shake Loose Christians" from their latest project was a crowd favorite with Paul and Mack sharing…

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Consonance will be performing at the 5th Annual North Richmond Music Festival. This festival has grown over the years and will feature blues, gospel and hip-hop performers. The event also will have food and other vendors selling their products there. This is a must attend festival for music lovers. See you there!!!!!

Marin City Soul, Blues and Jazz Party 

Consonance performed on Sunday, September 5, 2011 at the Marin Soul Party!  Although this was primarily a blues festival, Consonance stole the show from many of the dynamic blues artists.  Jimmy MacCracklin, Curtis Lawson and Fillmore Slim were on hand to provide some soulful blues.  But it was Consonance who stole the show.

The group did a 5 song set that was energetic and had the crowd on its feet.  Their Good News Blues #3 was a crowd favorite as well as their opening number, Come On In This House…

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The Richmond Homefront Festival 

Consonance performed at the Richmond Homefront Festival. The event was held in the Craneway Pavillion at the end of Harbor Way in Richmond, California. The group did a 1 hour set that was exciting and really tight. They did seven songs from contemporary to traditional gospel. The crowd was really into the performance with some attendees standing from beginning to the end. You need to check out Consonance when they are in your area. You will not forget them. Jackie Taylor, Entertainment Specialist

Main Street Project's Spirit and Soul Festival 

On September 19th, Consonance performed at the Spirit and Soul Festival. This very classy event was held in old downtown Richmond at Harbor Way and MacDonald Avenues. The venues feature gospel, jazz, zydeco and R&B performers Consonance did an energetic set that demonstrated the versitily of the group. They also performed a new song, My Song, which will be on their upcoming CD. And they did the crowd favorite, "Good News Blues #3" with Bobby Reed on the vocals. The crowd was thoroughly engaged and…

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Hayward Russell City Blues Festival 

My goodness, my goodness! Another stellar performance was offered by the gifted group Consonance. Today at the Hayward Russell City Blues Festival, they opened the day with a rousing performance. Patrons were in awe of their smooth style and great muscisianship They opened the set with "Come On In This House". This fast and tight gospel will be on their upcoming cd and it features Bros. Mack Williams and Paul Foster, Jr. sharing the lead. Their counterbalance is great and each sings their part…

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25th Annual Fillmore Jazz Festival 

If you missed you, you need to slap yourself. Consonance was off the chain today at the 25th Annual Fillmore Jazz Festival. They perform a one and a half hour set of great song, dynamite solos and had the crowd standing at the end They also did their "Good News Blues #2" which was a blues inspired gospel written by Brother Mack Williams and sung by Bobby Reed. Bobby use to be the lead singer for the blues band, The Right Kind, and he was the lead singer on their smash hit, "Why Do You Have To Lie".…

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